ROOFER SEO – How Can Local SEO Grow My Roofing Company?

There are 1000 – 3500 + people in your area ? SEARCHING ?
for the best local roofing company to use on Google, every month!

IF YOUR BUSINESS IS NOT BEING FOUND, you are missing out on this huge opportunity to have these already interested potential-customers contacting your business for the services you provide.

With being found in Google’s Local Search Results, you can be generating $1 Million – $2.5 Million of additional yearly revenue per service location!

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Roofer SEO

What Is Roofing SEO?

Roofing SEO is the process of getting your roofing business found (ranking) on Google search results by people searching for the best roofing company to use in their area.

When taking a local seo approach… your website, Google My Business profile and other web properties can be found by these potential customers when searching on Google for the “best local roofing company” to use.

By implementing a local seo campaign, users searching for specific roofing services in their location will find your company and take action. (Contacting your business for information regarding your services!) Making it incredibly important to implement SEO for your roofing business.

SEO does also apply to other search engines such as Bing & Yahoo… However, majority of people search with Google!

Common Local SEO tasks include keyword research, website development, GMB Profile optimization, content writing, acquiring positive reviews and backlink building.

Roofer SEO - GMB Results

How Does SEO Impact My Roofing Business?

SEO for roofers helps your business get exposure in two different main ways. (Resulting in tons of high-quality calls, message and chats by potential customers needed services!)

The first is Google Map-Pack ranking and the second is Google Search ranking. An estimated 75% of Google clicks come from one of these platforms. The good news is that implementing a search engine optimization strategy helps your business rank in both places.


Google Map-Pack Ranking

As a roofer, you most likely know about the Local Map 3-Pack. It’s the list of 3 roofing businesses that show up for local searches.

It is incredibly important to get your roofing company at the very top of Google’s Local Map Results, for this is where majority of people go to contact a local roofing contractor.

Google Local Map Results For Roofing Companies


Google Search Ranking

Ranking organically in Google Organic Search results remains important as well. While the Local Map 3-Pack attracts a large percentage of clicks & calls, there is a strong correlation between map and organic search rankings. Ranking organically in Google’s search will further increase your company’s exposure; resulting in more calls & website visits from already-interested potential customers.

Organic Google Search Results For Roofers

Local SEO For Roofing Companies

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